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The Fairbourne Clinic

Elena O'Keeffe

GDV - Gas discharge Visualisation

elena O'keeffe

The GDV Technique is non-invasive, quick and definitive evaluation of physical health and psycho-emotional states. It was developed by Russian physicist Prof Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg Technical University in 1995. He has brought scientific rigour to the study of Kirlian photography and auras. His research has lead to direct, real time viewing of the human energy fields, capturing not only the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual emanations from an individual but also their interaction with the surrounding environment.

The "glow effect" on human body has been known for centuries. However, only since the creation of GDV technique have scientists begun to understand the information encoded in the glow. In essence, the photon and electron emission from an object's surface is stimulated by electrical impulses. It results in an electronic avalanche effect creating a "sliding gas discharge".

During the GDV test you simply place you fingers on the glass of the GDV camera to be painlessly scanned. Within seconds your personal energy field will be on the computer screen. This "energy pattern" signature" is linked to an autonomic nervous system activity and reflects the level of functional energy stored in a particular organ or system of the body.

Elena O`Keeffe, the UK representative of GDV Technique, offers individual consultations at the Fairbourne Clinic. For more information about the GDV Technique visit Elena's website www.gdvlife.co.uk

Media about GDV and Elena's practice:

"You don't need a rocket scientist to tell you that you are feeling stressed, but you maybe need one to tell you why"
Harriet Criffey, The Independent Review

"The GDV is a swift way looking into the body and mind without opening it up"
Lorna V., The Independent

"This data (GDV) is captured on computer to give you a 3-D image of your body's energy field. Elena then analyses the information, using both her scientific training and wonderfully empathic counselling skills."
Normandie Keith, Daily Mail


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